Crumbs Bake Shop is giving away free breakfast from 7 – 10am on Friday, June 13th. Customers can stop by any tri-state area Crumbs Bake Shop for a free pastry from the new breakfast menu developed by its new executive pastry chef, Morgan Larsson.
You can expect cinnamon buns, Danish pastries (the best!), croissants, braids in Cardamom with almond, Cinnamon and Pistachio flavors and much more. Chef Larsson himself will be on hand at the Garment Center location (1385 Broadway) to introduce customers to Berliners (a German doughnut made with yeast dough and filled with jam and Bavarian Cream), T-Birkes (a Danish croissant topped with poppy seeds) and much more. Check the nearest Crumbs Tri-state location at, and bring an appetite and a smile on this lucky day. (The free pastries will be available while supplies last, one per customer.)

We've covered Larsson, whose signature Danish pastries earned him the nickname “The Danish King” many times, most recently his Princesstårta .. hands down one of the best in the world.

Spreading the sweetness of his native Sweden in such yummies as cardamom braids, princess cakes (prinsesstårta), super moist muffins, and semlor galore, Morgan Larsson is as Swedish as they come - sometimes, confusingly called the King of the Danish for his uncanny skill for baking the wienerbröd that in our former British colony is still called Danish despite its Austrian origin.

Born and bred in the small town of Sölvesborg, he learned his trade from his father, a Master Pastry Chef who got his title from none other than the King of Sweden. Now one of the hottest executive pastry chefs in New York City (where his career begun at Aquavit and Windows of the World, and continued at the Essex House, the Russian Tearoom, St. Regis, and the Pierre Hotel), he never lost one scintilla of his unmistakable Blekinge grounding. Makes you wonder, with Morgan presently Executive Pastry Chef and R&D Director at Crumbs Bake Shop, will the next big thing be the “Princess Cupcake” ...

Sample his other traditional Scandinavian creations here: