In Raoul Wallenberg: To Me, There's No Other Choice, learn the story behind the Swedish diplomat who single-handedly saved thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary during World War II.

By issuing protective passports and buying buildings to establish as sovereign Swedish territory in Budapest, Wallenberg was able to shelter Jews during 1944 and save an estimated 15,000 lives in just six months. His life and legacy stand as a testament to moral courage and fortitude, especially in the tragedy of his ending: arrested by the Soviets during the Red Siege of Budapest, he disappeared and was never seen again.


The exhibit, which comes from the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, is free and open to the public through April 6, 2018 at Nordia House Gallery.

70 years after his disappearance, in 2014, Raoul Wallenberg was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal: Wallenberg receives Congressional Gold Medal