The two main events that will reverberate all over the U.S. are, needless to say, the Raoul Wallenberg year—commemorating 100 years since the birth of the Swedish hero—and the Strindberg celebrations that mark 100 years since the death of the Swedish author August Strindberg. For more info on Strindberg activities so far, see Strindberg in the U.S. 2012

The official Raoul Wallenberg exhibition, "To me there's no other choice—Raoul Wallenberg 1912-2012," organized by the Swedish Institute and supported by the Swedish government, opens in Budapest on Jan. 17 and will later travel to the U.S., opening in New York in March. Several new books on the Swedish diplomat will be released and there are rumors of a new movie with so far unpublished facts and material. See The Swedish Foreign Ministry calendar of events for updates on events and activities.
Other sources—our own brief on Raoul Wallenberg: One Man can make a difference,
The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the U.S., The Wallenberg Foundation of New Jersey


The Swedish National Youth Orchestra is on its first U.S. concert tour with performances in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. For venues and dates, see Nordstjernan - Calendar of Events. Nordstjernan has a few free tickets to the concert in Chicago available for friends, email Carl @ Nordstjernan and include 'NORD' in the subject line.
Oscar Fever? Other than continuing the amazing exhibition Luminous Modernism, Scandinavian Art Comes to America, 1912, New York's Scandinavia House is showing the Nordic Oscar contenders through January. The Swedish contender is also showing in San Rafael, California on Jan. 13 and 16. See our calendar for specifics.
Connecticut's Scandinavian Club will celebrate a Tjugondag Knut's Fest on Jan. 14 and Chicago's Swedish American Museum has organized a family Julgransplundring the day after, on Jan. 15. In New York, the Harriet Nielsen Winter Concert is coming up on Jan. 19. This year's concert, organized by American Scandinavian Society at the Norwegian Seamen's Church, will feature the talented Julie Coucheron and Ann-Mary Kay.

In Pennsylvania, ASHM, the The American Swedish Historical Museum continues the exhibition 17 Swedish Designers through January. A "mini" exhibit will also introduce you to some of Sweden's most famous authors, Strindberg among them. Combine a look at the exhibitions with pea soup and Swedish punsch on Jan. 28; see the Museum's events calendar.

Chicago Swedish American Museum
The museum is more than ever at the heart of the historic Andersonville district of Chicago. Now a vibrant and diverse community, the area was first settled by Swedish immigrants who moved into the area after the Chicago fire of 1871. Laws restricting the building of homes out of wood were introduced after the fire and the Swedish immigrants who could not afford to make their homes with stone or brick relocated north of what was then Chicago city lines. A new exhibit opens in January and the museum's language programs kick off as do a host of other activities. For more info, see Swedish American Museum

Turnblad Mansion, Minneapolis, MN
The American Swedish Institute’s Turnblad Mansion reopened to the public in November, 2011 and has a full spring program for Minnesotan Swedes and Scandinavians. For more info, see American Swedish Institute
Last year's 6-month remodeling was part of a larger campus expansion project that includes construction of the 34,000-square-foot Nelson Cultural Center addition, set to open in June 2012. The new addition will make it possible to better preserve the original Turnblad Mansion by housing offices, museum shop and gallery along with a café and crafts workshop areas.

Out west, the Scandinavian Film Festival L.A. has another weekend of screenings on January 14-15 at the Writers Guild Theater, Beverly Hills. More info and schedule: Scandinavian Film Festival LA The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco kicks off its speaker series February 1 with Melissa Lamson speaking on how to communicate more effectively in culturally diverse teams. More info, SACC San Francisco

The Nordic Museum in Seattle, WA
just hosted its Nordic Lights Film festival but the exhibition The Enduring Designs of Josef Frank is showing until mid-February. A don't miss event for January would be the Arctic Circle program with Geoff Briggs, who is busy building an Authentic Viking Ship. More info, see The Nordic Heritage Museum