“You can sing gospel”
That is the phrase Gabriel Forss stands by. For the second year in a row the Swedish Church in South Florida had the honor of having Gabriel Forss here to inspire us, to let us experience a wonderful day of singing together as a part of a choir.
Gabriel Forss is a famous choir director from Sweden. In 2003 he was asked to be a voice coach in the Swedish television program “Fame Factory." This program was a huge hit, and Forss recognized a huge desire in people to start singing. He received questions like, “When do we get to sing? We, who might not have a great singing voice. …” That’s when he called up a church in Stockholm and booked it for 10 Mondays in a row.
To his surprise 400 happy singers stood at the doorstep the first day. Today in his choirs there are more than 1100 singers in Stockholm, 500 in Malmö and 400 in Gothenburg. At the end of each semester they finish with a huge concert and all the seats are sold out every time. His slogan, “You can sing Gospel” is a huge success.
Now it’s Florida’s turn! Just like last year, we had about 50 singers gather at the Congregational Church in Boca Raton. At noon, we started rehearsing — we weren't given any music, but the lyrics were shown on a projector screen. Forss divided us into three groups: sopranos, altos and baritones. Then we worked hard and rehearsed six songs (with a break for lunch). The same afternoon Forss magically made us memorize the songs and we had an up-lifting, fun performance at 5 p.m.
It was such a fun and inspiring day! We plan to do this again next year and hope you'll come to Florida and sing along.

For more info, see www.dukansjungagospel.se