Swedish New Yorkers fondly remember Kristina Sturk and Anders Steinwall: Kristina was cantor and choir-leader and Anders a musician at the Swedish Church. Before they left New York in September of last year, they added baby Gustav to their family. Now the couple is back in the Big Apple on a visit.
“It feels great to be back in New York,” Kristina says. “As soon as we got into the city I just had a big smile on my face!”
Anders and Kristina have spent the past year in Stockholm, where he returned to his former job at the Ministry of Education and Research, while she was on maternity leave.
“It felt a bit strange,” she says. “Not working, I mean. By the time Lucia rolled around I remember thinking ‘Shouldn’t I just do one little Lucia-tåg?’ and we almost decided to come to New York then. But now, I’ve gotten used to staying at home with Gustav.”
Recently they had a concert at the Swedish Church, and next they are entertaining at the Swedish Midsummer Celebration in New York’s Battery Park where the choir “Sound of Sweden” will also perform. After that, Anders and Kristina will head back to Sweden and start packing their bags again. This time they are moving north, to Umeå, where Kristina will pick up her old job as a cantor and it will be Anders’ time to stay at home with Gustav.
“And look for work eventually,” he adds.
Kristina and Anders created many memorable evenings of music at the Swedish Church. We’re happy to see them again and continue wishing them, and little Gustav, well!
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