Art Director Anki King introduced the artist and exhibition at the opening:
“I’m proud to open this show. Inger grew up in Norway and drawing has always been her focus. At 18 she took off for Paris and in 1972 she settled permanently in New York. These works contain lines that together form a community, Inger’s drawings are utterly beautiful and spiritual,” King said.
The artist herself explained that she goes through different stages with her art, and that drawing with pencil is what she is preoccupied with at the moment.
“I’m interested in basic mark making,” Grytting said and pointed to an intricate drawing where the lines all come to an abrupt stop. “I have an idea in my head what it’ll look like, but then when you put pen to paper it’s different.”
There’s a certain rhythm and pulse in Grytting’s works that is irresistible. It may come from the fact that she sets personal rules for herself in order to create tension.
“It can be something like I only allow myself to hold the pencil with two fingers, or I create certain limits on how far I allow myself to draw a certain line.”
Add to that a beautifully textured paper and you get these marvelous results. Drawing, Grytting says, is a physical sensation.
“I create resistance with the pencil, something which is impossible to do with a paint brush, because it simply glides across the paper. For me drawing is an adventure – I never know where I’ll end up.”
If you’re in the New York area you don’t want to miss “Lines Among Lines”, which runs through May 21. For more information: