.. because the Swedish word for rock is "sten" ... voila, we have STENland.

DATELINE: March 21, 2010—And so we Vasa members gather this special day to celebrate a truly memorable event in New York District Lodge No. 4: the 30 Anniversary of Stenland Lodge No. 727, whose local lodge number gave rise to the affectionate handle of “The Jet Set.”

Yes, it’s true. The stalwart members of this lodge made it through the last 30 years with nothing gained but a deep appreciation for our Scandinavian roots and culture, warm-hearted friendships, and long- lasting memories that just can’t help but make you smile.
The members, along with various dignitaries and guests, came together for a celebratory dinner at the famous The Old ’76 House in Tappan, NY—once a headquarters of George Washington. It was a splendid occasion starting with chit-chat and cocktails. The sumptuous dinner— en smaklig måltid—opened with a truly impressive invocation by Stenland’s own, Bishop George Langberg. Throughout the evening, there were various speakers who had accolades to offer, but it was Sis. Gail Olson, reading the concise history of the lodge and adding her reflections, that impressed everyone. Bro. Ken Olson added that there was great support from members of the illustrious Vasa Folkdancers of New York that enabled our institution way back then.
Of particular note was the striking historical books with files and photos which has been kept by Lodge Historian Sis. Beatrice Rasmussen over the years (OMG, look at me—I had hair back then!). Oohs and aahs resounded as so many folks went through the pages.
Kudos go out to Sis. Beatrice and her committee: Ingrid Allison, Evelyn Larson and June Sundvik for their fine job in coordinating this special occasion, to Stenland Chairman Bob Rasmussen who obeyed his wife’s instructions to guarantee a successful event, to District Master Bro. Carl Geffken, District Deputy Sis. Dorothy Kihlstrom, and the other visiting dignitaries for their support and warm wishes.
Tack så mycket!