Glada Hudik Theater to New York.
The Glada Hudik Theater is different from any other theater you’ve seen or met! It’s a creative and inspiring group like no other. Pär Johansson was working as a rehabilitation officer at a daycare center in Hudiksvall when he suggested starting up a theater group as one of the activities in which the mentally handicapped could choose to participate. Though a lot of people were against the idea, it nevertheless took shape and the first show ever presented got an excellent response, and the work has continued.
The idea is still to support the mentally handicapped actors by helping them function independently, to live—as much as possible—“like everybody else.” Now the theater is coming to New York.

"Start spreading the news..."
“We’re coming to New York to spread our way of working, because it has been so successful and could be used as a model for others,” explains Pär Johansson to Nordstjernan. “We simply want to inspire others, whether in Sweden or other countries. And many in our group have long harbored a dream of visiting America."
"There are two reasons for this," he says. "Professionally, New York is the Mecca of musicals, and we can get more inspiration here for our activities at home. Secondly, most of the people in our ensemble are well aware of the American culture: its music, food and lifestyle.”
Johansson also believes the journey to New York will be a memory for life for the entire ensemble. The Glada Hudik Theater—110 people in total—will travel around the U.S for five days, and apart from performing “A Tribute to Elvis,” they are also planning some shopping and sightseeing. They are also planning to see “The Lion King” on Broadway.
“We will also enjoy just being together,” Johansson says.
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