The Scandinavian American Theater Company (SATC) is a new exciting company that anyone interested in Scandinavian art ought to check out. A group of seven talented and driven performing artists and directors from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Faroe Islands who make the Big Apple their home, have joined forces to stage innovative productions of Scandinavian classics, as well as to introduce contemporary Scandinavian playwrights to the stages of New York. This coming Monday (May 3rd) they are giving a staged reading of “Hand in Hand” a dark, fast-paced comedy by Sofia Fredén filled with repartee that rattles forth like Morse code. Directed by renowned Swedish director Anders Cato, the reading features special guest Danish Academy Award Nominee Charlotte Munck, and also stars Albert Bendix, Henning Hegland, Kwasi Osei, Vigdis Hentze Olsen, Tom Creel, and Lisa Pettersson.
This is the first of the contemporary reading series and it will take place at Scandinavia House at 7 pm (pre-reception 6:30).
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