The Vasa Order of America held its 37th Grand Lodge Convention July 2―8, 2010, hosted by Pennsylvania District No. 9 in Washington, DC. New friendships were made and old friendships were renewed while the delegates considered 94 motions and many Grand Lodge Officer recommendations. Positive changes have been made and we should see the results of these changes during the next four years.
It is with distinct pride and honor that I announce the unanimous election of Gail M. Olson, PGLD, PDM, and DS of New York District Lodge No. 4 as Vice Grand Secretary. The election of officers for the ensuing four-year term was quite inspiring because it proved that everyone―those in attendance as well as those not present―cared deeply about the Vasa Order.
The Grand Lodge Officers for the 2010―2014 term are:

Grand Master: William "Bill" Lundquist, District No. 8
Vice Grand Master: Torre Kellgren, District No. 12
Grand Secretary: Joan Graham, District No. 13
Grand Treasurer: Keith Hanlon, District No. 12
Vice Grand Secretary: Gail M. Olson, District No. 4
MEB―Eastern Region: Art Bjorkner, District No. 6
MEB―Mid Western Region: Sten Hult, District No. 8
MEB―Western Region: Ed Netzle, District No. 12
MEB―Canada: Ken Banks, District No. 18
MEB―Sweden: Ulf Anderloof, District No. 20
Vasa Archives Board of Directors: Lennart Petersson, PGM (District No. 18), Jake Gruel, PGLMEB (District No. 8), Gunnar Mossberg (Sweden), Tom Cleveland (District No. 8).

The sight seeing trips were well planned and exciting, especially Sunday's trip to the House of Sweden and Tuesday's trip to Mount Vernon. Svenska Spelman from Jamestown performed at the House of Sweden and Barnklubben Elsa Rix No. 1 danced flawlessly at the Grand Banquet. The 23 children from Elsa Rix stole the hearts of everyone while many of their parents, who also came to Washington, DC in the sweltering heat, stood in the background for support. Perhaps Elsa Rix, Three Crowns (Jamestown, NY), and Lucia No. 2 (Brooklyn, which will hopefully be reactivated) could perform together at the next Grand Lodge Convention. Many thanks to the district, local lodges, local lodge association and private donors who helped defray the cost of the trip and support Elsa Rix. The music for the Grand Banquet was provided by non-other than Smörgåsbandet, and as is always the case, Jeannie, Wayne and Chad managed to fill the dance floor with their music AND their entertainment!
The host of the 2014 Grand Lodge Convention is Massachusetts No. 2, the location of which will be Plymouth.

In truth and unity,
Carl E. Geffken
District Master