Nordic Models + Common Ground: A new exhibition, opened at Scandinavia House, NYC on Oct. 29.
The exhibition runs from October 29, 2010 – March 9, 2011. Gallery hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6 pm; FREE admission. More info, see or call 212.779.3587

This fall marks the tenth anniversary of New York's Scandinavia House and the centennial for American Scandinavian foundation, owner and operator of the building located just a few blocks south of grand central in Manhattan's midtown district. Nordic Models + Common Ground is the first of a series of three major exhibitions during the year-long celebration. Curated by Norwegian/American architecture firm Snøhetta, the exhibition showcases 35 different Nordic artists representing diverse areas, from architecture and product design to photography and fine art.

"In curating this exhibition we purposefully disregarded all national and artistic boundaries... Instead emphasizing the powerful values and ideas that are shared by all Nordic countries," says Snøhetta co-founder Craig Dykers and continues "..the exhibition represents the integration of art and design – all in the spirit of engagement in the arts. ..the down to earth quality of Scandinavian design becomes evident here at the exhibit."

A total of 35 artists and designers are represented at the exhibition. The wide range of designs, objects and photographic or model presentations succeed in two ways: they truly convey that very Nordic egalitarian design tradition that goes back to the days of Ellen Key and earlier and at the same time offer a lively experience for the visitor. It is a rare occasion indeed, when an exhibition creates an 'interactive' experience for the audience, not by being interactive but by the selection and presentation of objects and visuals.

ASF President Edward P. Gallagher at the press preview stressed how "[there are] so many common threads in Scandinavian design, so many similarities and yet, how it’s also always full of surprises."

A visit is a must if you're in New York. Round off the visit with lunch or afternoon fika with a freshly made kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) at the in-house SmörgåsChef restaurant (