Come see Aja Eriksson von Weissenberg’s exhibition “Afternoon Tea” at the Swedish Church in New York City. Eriksson von Weissenberg is a Göteborg-based visual artist who loves New York and often visits the city.

“I love it here and wanted very much to exhibit here. I spent lots of time exploring the galleries in Chelsea, but I don’t see the point in exhibiting in places that are located on the seventh floor and that you need a door code in order to get into? The Swedish Church seemed the perfect place; people are friendly here, it’s easily accessible, a lot of people visit and it has a great space for exhibiting,” said Eriksson von Weissenberg at the opening last Saturday.
Her paintings are of animals (hares and bears) and hunting and they frequently feature teacups.

“I’m obsessed with teacups! Especially these British cups with a pattern called ‘The hunter’. My husband and I were always talking about going hunting and teaching our dog to become a hunting dog. We never got to do the hunting because we always said ‘Let’s first have a cup of tea’. And it’s that cup of tea, you know … the one that makes you procrastinate everything else? It’s that cup that I paint.”
Eriksson von Weissenberg has an ecclectic background. She has been involved with writing film scripts and illustrations (children’s books for the publishing company Korpen). But painting (oil and tempera) is a more lasting passion.

“I was so fed up with projects that never took off,” she explained. “You work hard for something and then it never materializes. It’s nicer with painting. I do the work myself, and I think this is something I’m really good at.”

“Afternoon Tea” will be on view at the Swedish Church until April 28.
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