Come see Aja Eriksson von Weissenberg’s exhibition “Afternoon Tea” at the Swedish Church in New York City. Eriksson von Weissenberg is a Göteborg-based visual artist who loves New York and often visits the city.

“I love it here and wanted very much to exhibit here. I spent lots of time exploring the galleries in Chelsea, but I don’t see the point in exhibiting in places that are located on the seventh floor and that you need a door code in order to get into? The Swedish Church seemed the perfect place; people are friendly here, it’s easily accessible, a lot of people visit and it has a great space for exhibiting,” said Eriksson von Weissenberg at the opening last Saturday.
Her paintings are of animals (hares and bears) and hunting and they frequently feature teacups.

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“I’m obsessed with teacups! Especially these British cups with a pattern called ‘The hunter’. My husband and I were always talking about going hunting and teaching our dog to become a hunting dog. We never got to do the hunting because we always said ‘Let’s first have a cup of tea’. And it’s that cup of tea, you know … the one that makes you procrastinate everything else? It’s that cup that I paint.”
Eriksson von Weissenberg has an ecclectic background. She has been involved with writing film scripts and illustrations (children’s books for the publishing company Korpen). But painting (oil and tempera) is a more lasting passion.

“I was so fed up with projects that never took off,” she explained. “You work hard for something and then it never materializes. It’s nicer with painting. I do the work myself, and I think this is something I’m really good at.”

“Afternoon Tea” will be on view at the Swedish Church until April 28.
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