Check out the more unruffled faces of the Big Apple at Trygve Lie Gallery in the new exhibition “New York City Mood”, which recently opened. “New York City Mood” is a photographic exhibition by Norwegian photographer Sigrid Thorbjørnsen, who spends 6 months out of the year in the capital of the world (the rest is spent in Oslo).

“New York City is one of the most photogenic cities in the world,” she explained at the opening of the exhibition. “But these photos are not snapshots, they are more like a flow, showing the many moods of the city.”

No hectic bright lights at Times Square, no rushing taxi cabs – Thorbjørnsen has fallen in love with a different New York, the kind of New York you encounter when you are out early in the mornings, walking. Beautiful and hushed, her mostly black-and-white photos will make you fall in love all over again too.

“I find the city quiet in texture,” she said. “It’s busy of course, but it’s still quiet. If you climb up on a roof top, you’ll hear the city below almost like a river.”

It was, as often is the case, a guy who lured Thorbjørnsen to New York. She was then a serious amateur photographer. The relationship with the man quickly evaporated, but her relationship to the city, and more importantly, to her camera, evolved.

“I feel like a Native New Yorker,” Thorbjørnsen laughed. “My favorite places? Definitely the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island too, but walking the Brooklyn Bridge in the early morning mist, when I have it to myself... New York leaves me alone then, and that’s a beautiful thing!”
“New York Mood” is on view through August 21.
By Eva Stenskär

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