In case you didn’t know, the borough of the Bronx is named after Jonas Bronck from the Småland region in Sweden. It is therefore most fitting that Sweden Day is celebrated at the Manhem Club in the Bronx part of New York City.

Sweden Day is an annual event that has been celebrated in the New York metropolitan area for over half a century. The Manhem Club, where the day is celebrated, is New York’s only Scandinavian beach club. Each year one or more persons or organizations are honored for having made a significant contribution or having made outstanding achievements within the Swedish-American Community. This year it was Barnklubben Elsa Rix #1’s turn to be honored as the “2011 Sweden Day Organization of the Year”.

Sweden Day means music (courtesy of Jeanne Eriksson Widman Andersen and Smörgåsbandet), food, dance, arts and crafts, presentation of Sweden Day Scholarships, Miss Sweden Day Contest and the Midsummer Pole of course – it being summer.

Sweden Day 2011 was wonderful, as the weather was decidedly un-Swedish; the sun was collaborating, making everyone even happier!