Contemporary singer-songwriterAnders Holst was born and raised in Sweden but is now based in New York City. His songs have roots in jazz, soul and European pop music and he has just released his latest album, Soho Suite. Many in the audience enjoyed the nice outdoor garden terrace while listening to the soothing tones from the performance. For once, the New York summer was cool and the night ended with mingle in the spirit of Scandinavia.

Scandinavia House is five blocks south of Grand Central on Park Avenue, is not where you'd expect to have the 'Nordic experience.' And yet, especially on the terrace, the ambience and atmosphere of the evening evoked more feelings of a relaxed Scandinavia than New York. A refreshing evening in the otherwise far from 'lagom'* Manhattan existence.
By Hanna Aqvilin

The next Nordic Summer Jam, on July 21, features Finland based, Swedish born singer Emma Larsson. For more info, see Nordic Summer Jam at Scandinavia House

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*Lagom, according to the Wikipedia explanation is a Swedish word with no direct English equivalent, meaning "just the right amount". One explanation of its origin goes back to Viking times when one container of mead was used for the entire crew of a ship or a group at a celebration. The container was then expected to reach "laget om" - every member of the group for an equal amount of serving.