Harvard students learn about Salander
Students at the prestigious Harvard University will now get a dose of Swedish thrillers and learn about characters like Lisbeth Salander. Lecturer in Literary Studies at Lund University Sara Kärrholm, has been engaged at Harvard to lead a series of seminars about Scandinavian thrillers next spring. “I’ve suggested two sessions on Stieg Larsson,” she says. “One in which I will talk about him as just a phenomenon, and one where I will talk about Lisbeth Salander and feminism within the genre.” Kärrholm’s book “Kriminallitteratur: utveckling, genrer och perspektiv” (Crime fiction: Development, genres, and perspectives) was published recently. It was co-written with Kerstin Bergman. The series of seminars given at Harvard was sponsored by a scholarship in the memory of the Swedish diplomat Nils-Gustav Hildeman.

More info on Sara Kärrholm: Lund University, Department of Language and Literature