Fashion enthusiasts gathered to shop, mingle or just enjoy Scandinavian refreshments.

“I’m surprised and pleased. I didn't expect so many people here. It's a mix of our regular customers and just people who randomly walked by. Also, we invited many of our Swedish friends because it's a great way to get together and have a fun night," said Sara Ölmebäck, PR and Marketing Coordinator for Eton U.S..


More information on the Swedissh shirt maker, see Eton Shirts

Fashion's Night Out started in 2009 in New York by Vouge. At the time it was a celebrity-studded way to lure shoppers into stores during the recession. Now it's one of the biggest global shopping parties.
Eton is located in an area where bigger brands like Sephora, H&M and Saks mostly absorb the shopper’s major attention, though; despite the night’s keen competition the small store was crowded.