Scandinavian American Theatre Company presents a new group of Nordic playwrights in a series of staged readings representing Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. First out was Sweden with a newly written play by Richard Hobert.

Scriptwriter and film director Richard Hobert is one of Sweden’s most eminent directors and writers for film, television and theater. He has won the Ingmar Bergman Prize and was awarded the Best European Film at the Hollywood Film Festival 2002 for “Everyone Loves Alice.” Among Hobart's favorite actors are Lena Endre and Mikael Persbrandt, who often appear in his films.
Hobart recently finished his third play, “Desire,” a story about the balance of power between successful people in the business world. Readings allow the playwright an opportunity to hear first drafts of a nearly finished play. It also enables a first connection with prospective producers.


“I like what I saw. SATC has put a lot of effort into it and the reading was creatively done and well prepared. It was more staged than you normally see at readings. There are a few theater agents in the audience, and I have already received positive reactions from them,” Hobert said after the performance.

SATC will present a total of five readings, one for each Scandinavian country. The next reading at Scandinavia House will be on November 7—the Norwegian playwright Fredrik Brattberg's play “The Returns.”
The earlier Scandinavia House performance in September was the SATC production of "Home Sweet Home," which will also be performed at the upcoming Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Ridgefield, Connecticut on September 24 at 8 p.m.

Text & photography: Hanna Aqvilin

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