SmörgåsChef on Stone Street, which offers a charming alternative to the traditional Wall Street steaks in the Financial district turned Swedish for a night: "Helan går" reverberated around the cobble-stoned street and snaps glasses were raised over a sumptuous buffet of the traditional red delicacy.

The organization “International Swede” hosted the evening, where guests gathered to celebrate the crayfish season.

While there are multiple variations of how to celebrate it, there is invariably one ingredient at every party - the crayfish itself; Kräftan. The rest of this party's ingredients included snaps, herring, crisp bread, meatballs with lingonberries, Jansson's temptation, snaps, and more snaps.
Everyone agreed, this is a great way to celebrate the last days of summer with friends but also to make new ones.
"We want Swedes to come here and have a good time among friends, meet new people and also encourage everyone to invite their American friends as well," Thomas Noe, the host and cofounder of International Swede said.
A majority of Swedes, a cheerful mood and mingle, made for one remarkable night and a successful crayfish party.
Text & Photo: Hanna Aqvilin

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