Her speech became the highlight of the evening as Liv Ullman talked about the Baltic island, especially of Fårö and Ingmar Bergman. Particularly memorable was her story about Ingmar Bergman's 60th birthday party. A young girl - I think it was his grand-daughter - was there, and, at one point, Ingmar turned to her, wondering how she intended to spend her 60th birthday.
"I'll throw a big party," she said, "and invite all the family and all kinds of strange people."
"What about me," Ingmar asked, "am I also invited?"
"On that day," she said, "I'll go down to the beach, and you'll be coming in on a wave..."

Gotland and Fårö - The Inspiration of Ingmar Bergman. The first couple of days of the festival were devoted to a miniature Bergman film festival, featuring the films Persona and Shame as well as two documentaries he shot on Fårö and previously unreleased footage. "Ingmar should have made even more documentaries, he was so good at it," said Ullman about the legendary film director's work on Fårö.

The Gotland Design Exhibition only runs until November 2 at Scandinavia House, open from 12-8 p.m.. Today’s Gotland designers are especially known for their work with the typical materials from the island such as wool, wood, limestone and concrete.
Scandinavia House is located at 58 Park Avenue (at 38th Street). For more info, see Scandinavia House

During Gotland in New York week, New York’s Restaurant Aquavit, New York (65 East 55th Street) will add Gotlandic specialties to its regular menu. For more info, see Aquavit Restaurant New York

For more info on Gotland, see http://www.visitsweden.com/gotland

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