Sweden's Minister for Trade Ewa Björling is visiting New York to observe how important Sweden's creative industries are for its export trade. Bjorling is also meeting representatives for Swedish companies, one of them, Sweden's most renowned jewelry designer, Efva Attling.
The Swedish Minister for Trade Dr. Ewa Björling wants to double Sweden's export trade within five years, moreover, design is one of the most important factors in order to increase exports. To be able to achieve this, small businesses have to keep up and forget words like “Jantelagen and Lagom”.

“Sweden has a good international reputation, especially within creative industries. But many don’t dare to go all the way, and are afraid of taking risks. I think Efva Attling is an excellent role model and inspiration for many Swedish entrepreneurs. She has the right energy,” Ewa Björling said, while she was visiting Efva Attling’s newly opened boutique in the West Village, Manhattan.

The Swedish Minister of Trade will also meet UN representatives to discuss procurement issues and how Swedish companies can work in partnership with the UN during her stay in New York. While visiting she will also meet organizations that promote Sweden in the U.S. - the Consulate General in New York, Invest Sweden, the Swedish Trade Council and Visit Sweden.
Dr. Björling who has a strong interest in design and fashion, stressed how important it is to meet with entrepreneurs, showing them support, and likely draw some publicity as well.

“To have Ewa here feels like an official recognition from the government. I’m glad that they are here and it means a lot to me,” Efva Attling said.
Attling, who opened up her first U.S. store in New York earlier this fall, thinks it’s going better than expected, and hopes to retail her jewelry to big department stores already in the beginning of next year.