Scandinavia House in New York City offered a Christmas Children’s Workshop. At the end you take home with you some new ornaments for the tree (or anywhere else in your house). In Sweden most schools offer a day of “julpyssel” (Christmas crafts), where the little ones get to make “smällkarameller,” “jultomtar,” “julhjärtan” and so on.
The event was made possible by support from the MacCormick family, SVEA/New York, and the amazing Inger Wedin at Scandinavia House (a Svea herself) was the hostess. Inger patiently showed the children (and their parents) how to use the materials on the tables (and in the big, pre-packed goodie bags that were handed out): felt, stickers, pipe cleaners, colored paper, wool and much, much more. Inger had prepared everything, and also pre-cut some paper so it was easy for little fingers to make the braided paper hearts. Swedish Christmas music was playing and a table with cookies and juice provided a much-needed break for everyone. After having worked for an hour and a half, Lucia (Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz) and two “tärnor” made a surprise appearance, entertaining with beautiful songs. Christmas crafts just like back home, if not better!
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