What better way to celebrate an early Swedish Midsummer than at the Manhem Beach Club in the Bronx (you knew the New York borough of the Bronx was named after Swedish immigrant Jonas Bronx, didn’t you)? Manhem Club is conveniently located near the water, and there were plenty of meatballs and fried herring to be had. Friends gathered and celebrated the honorees this year: Ulf and Mette Mårtensson, owners of Nordstjernan. And of course Nordstjernan, which this year celebrates its 140th anniversary, was also much in the focus, the star of the day.
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Said Ulf Mårtensson:
“It’s hard to believe that it was 27 years ago, that I walked into Nordstjernan’s office, which was then located in Brooklyn. Little did I know what I was in for. I didn’t have a clue. 27 years is nothing, but 140 years is something to celebrate. It takes a village to publish a newspaper. It takes contributors, but most of all it takes interesting people to write about, and that’s when you all come in. On behalf of past and present workers, editors and readers, I thank all of you for this wonderful honor.”
Mette added:
“I came here with two suitcases and thought I’d stay six months or a year. And here I still am! I loved Nordstjernan from the onset.”
This year marked the 72nd Annual Sweden Day, and it was a beautiful day indeed, with a shining sun, lots of music and food and dancing.
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