True Swedish
A series of interviews hosted by Guy Clark, who set out to experience Sweden in New York, online at Sweden, everywhere in New York, my hometown ... True Swedish!

We worked with Guy Clark to allow our friend and “born again” Swedish American to find Swedish-ness in his hometown, New York. We also wanted to introduce some of the institutions and personalities of the ever-changing Big Apple to a wider audience. Hanna Aqvilin filmed his discoveries, encounters and experiences, and the final result will be continuously published on the Internet. Guy’s meetings with Swedish culture, fashion, traditions and people will start running online at, through and on Sept. 15. You’ll enjoy watching while Guy learns to cook with Aquavit executive chef Marcus Jernmark, play the piano with Magnus Mårtensson, and visit stores, artists and fairy godmothers along with the institutions of Sweden and Scandinavia in New York City.

Introduction to Guy: Guy Clark, 'Allt för Sverige'

Guy Clark meets Sweden, in his own words: Guy Clark, proud participant in the 2011 season's most popular Swedish reality show reminisces on his new Swedish identity.