What better spot to temporarily "anchor" Skåne in New York than newly Michelin-starred Aquavit Restaurant.

The New York crowd is introduced to the southern Swedish cuisine through a menu prepared by Aquavit Executive chef Marcus Jernmark and visiting celebrated chef Daniel Berlin from Skåne Tranås.
"To work with Daniel, share ideas, discuss menus and recipes, has really developed me as a chef," said Jernmark, who added this was his best week ever on the job. (It became known this week that Aquavit under his kitchen reign has been awarded a Michelin star)
"We've been discussing this event since Marcus visited my restaurant in the Österlen region of Skåne this summer," said Berlin, whose farm/forest-to-table restaurant is exactly where all of the raw materials originate, in rural Skåne. If you happen to be in the Big Apple there's still time to try the eight-course tasting menu until Oct. 6; after that, sample each chef's specialties at www.aquavit.org or www.danielberlin.se

Photo: Hanna Aqvilin