SWEA OAME (Eastern Americas) regional meeting was in Greensboro, North Carolina on October 3-5. The meeting for the eight eastern regions — Atlanta, Boston, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach and Washington, D.C. — was held at Volvo Trucks Headquarters, which supplied the necessary prop for this image.
Reports from the different local chapters are presented at these annual meetings, which are open for all members.
The OAME regional board is chaired by Cecilia Browning, SWEA Washington with Gunilla Westin, SWEA Philadelphia, as vice chair. Other members of the regional board are: Madeleine Hershberger, SWEA New Jersey; Ann-Charlotte Storer, SWEA Philadelphia; Anna Lundblad, Atlanta; Margaretta Simpson, Boston; Birgitta Koskinen, New Jersey (replacing Kerstin Malmström at the meeting); Lisa Laskaridis Sarmiento, New York; Anna Bray, North Carolina; Gunilla Westin, Philadelphia; Anette Johnson, Virginia Beach; Li Ansefelt Thornton, Washington, DC.