On November 12, SACC-New York hosted the full-day conference, featuring many inspirational speakers and experts, including: Gail Simmons, cookbook author and television personality; Tristam Stuart, author, campaigner and expert on food waste; and, Marcus Samuelsson, award-winning chef, restaurateur and author.

Green Summit is an annual event in line with SACC-New York's continuing efforts to bring clean technology, green vision and sustainable resources to the forefront of business thinking. The 2015 conference was guided by the summit chairman, Ambassador Mark Brzezinski, who addressed various perspectives and topics with water as the theme: "Water — Money Down the Drain or Revenue Stream of the Future?" With a conscious mix of entrepreneurs, inventors, professors and major corporations, the message was strong and on point throughout the day: "How do we change our habits as consumers to support the earth" and "Be conscious of the products you use, as it all eventually goes down the drain."

Preceding the Green Summit, on November 11, the Green Gala Award Dinner was hosted at Apella, where the prestigious SACC-New York-Deloitte Green Award was presented to the 2015 recipient, Alnarp Cleanwater for demonstrating a breakthrough "green" invention or technology, a proven technology or product ready to sell and ship, and a need for the help and support in entering the U.S. market that the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York can offer.

The evening was highly spirited, the theme designed around the Swedish Arctic, focusing on the region of Norrbotten County. Michael Moss was Master of Ceremonies, and the dinner menu was created by Michelin-starred executive chef Emma Bengtsson from Restaurant Aquavit. She presented the delicate Bird's Nest, resembling a forest, for dessert.

Guests were also treated to a presentation by Mattias Klum, world renowned National Geographic photographer, who reminded us that "We need to think about the remaining beauty on earth."

Ambassador Brzezinski taught the non-Swedish guests the importance of the Swedish word "lagoon," meaning balance. "Swedes are people of the land, Swedes live in harmony with nature," he said, meaning "lagom" is defined as humankind’s balance with nature.

By Ebba Long

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