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Soulful Swedish singer/songwriter Anders Holst performed at Feinstein's at Loews Regency Hotel, Park Avenue and 61st St, New York on January 12. The performance was a celebration of the release of his new album Romantika.—hailed by Billboard Magazine and the All Music Guide as the "prince of contemporary romantic music," blending "..smoky jazz with the adult contemporary melodicism of Sting, Seal and Leonard Cohen..." Info:
Here's what Nordstjernan recently wrote:

This one’s for the ladies…

His (Anders') honest and original love songs can give romantic music a brand new chance. Do your heart a favor and check him out. — Quincy Jones

Kick off your heels, ladies, and pour yourself a glass of champagne – because this one's for you and it's bound to be romantic. Swedish singer Anders Holst will ease you into tenderness with his soothing, smooth voice and mix of soul, jazz, and melodies that will linger in your mind. And it doesn’t hurt that the guy is good looking.
“Music was always around when I grew up,” Anders says. “I was ten when I wrote my first song. All throughout my life I’ve written songs to friends and family. But for various reasons I followed family tradition because I wanted my father to like me, and I wanted to be like him. But I always felt something was missing in my life. And music is my passion. I say ‘Follow your passion!’”
You’d never believe it when you hear him sing, but Anders Holst, who is originally from Stockholm, had a long and prosperous career in strategic management consulting, which he left to start a singing career at age 52. Says Anders:
“Changing a career midstream like this is both scary and fun! I’m working with professional musicians, so on the one hand I have to try to learn from them, and on the other I have to trust that I can bring something to the table myself. I’d say I live in hope!”
This past summer saw Anders and his musicians on a “Love Blooms” tour, and in early 2009 his CD “Romantika” is to be released.
“I don’t really think of my songs as romantic, at least not overly so. Notice the ‘k’? It’s not Romantica with a ‘c’ but “Romantika” with a ‘k’ – it’s a bit Scandinavian, not overly romantic.”
Anders’ music is rooted in jazz, soul, and European pop music. “He’s like Sting but with two dozen long-stemmed roses,” one critic said about upcoming “Romantika”. Others have compared Anders to Robert Palmer and Bryan Ferry. Not bad for a newcomer!
“I listen to all kinds of music myself,” Anders says. “Amy Winehouse, world music, classical music, Bruce Springsteen, jazz…. With my own music, I get a song in my head, and I see pictures that become the lyrics. It’s all stories, and I want my audience to take part in those stories. In life we all go through ups and downs, and if people can take away one thing from my music, it would be a sense of hope. My daughter once told me that the songs are already out there, I just catch them!”
It sounds dreamy and passionate, and Anders is all for passion.
“I think you have to allow yourself to find your passion in life,” he says. “We’re all happiest when we’re doing what makes us feel good. I knew I had to at least give this a try – I don’t want to sit in ten years and say ‘Oh, I should’ve done that.’ If it takes off, then that’s good. If it doesn’t, at least I’ve had a lot of fun on the way!”
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