Frontiers in Biomedicine.
A new global research partnership called "Frontiers in Biomedicine" will arise from world wide partnership between Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, and the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and the Mayo Clinic.

The Minnesota Partnership is a state-funded collaboration between Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, and they have a $22 million research headquarters in the Vincent A. Stabile Building on the Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester.


"Advances in technology and medicine have created exciting new opportunities to predict, prevent, diagnose and treat disease," said Eric Wieben, molecular biologist and Minnesota Partnership project leader for Mayo. "To take advantage of these opportunities on a competitive time scale, multi-disciplinary teams of doctors and scientists are needed."

By bringing the best minds from all three world leading institutions together, "we will be able to speed the pace of change and bring better care to our patients faster than we could if we were all competing against each other," said Wieben.

The Karolinska, Mayo Clinic and University of Minnesota union will focus on regenerative medicine, bio-omics" (genomics and proteomics) and immunology. "Frontiers Awards," grants often exceeding six figures, will go to promising young researchers and assist them in benefiting from the expertise t the collaborating institutions.

"Biomedical knowledge is expanding so fast that we need solid partnerships to leverage our discoveries," stated Dr. Frank Cerra, project leader at the University of Minnesota.