Tips from the ambassador
Ambassador, previous Foreign Minister and 60th President of the United Nations General Assembly Jan Eliasson knows a thing or two about negotiation and mediation.

In a recent lecture at Lund University, he shared some tips with the audience, beginning with some concrete suggestions: “Think about the language you’re using, make sure you’re right with your timing and always save a last, convincing argument. Also get a feel for the other party’s culture and dare to be personal, that way you create trust. Anger is a good tool, but never show it.” Eliasson added to be aware of your allies and to communicate with media. “It used to be that as a diplomat you needed only two words: ‘No comment’, but today you have to speak to media,” he said and continued: “Life is full of negotiations, both in the working environment and in the private sphere. Children are great negotiators. Do they ask their parents for an increase in the allowance on a Monday morning? No, they wait until Friday, when the parents have sunk down in front of the TV with a glass.” The lecture was arranged by Freds- och konfliktvetenskap (Peace and Conflict Studies) at Lund Universtiy and Utrikespolitiska föreningen in Lund (The Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund).


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