The Språkrådet list, published annually, pays attention to new words in the Swedish language or words that have increased in usage. For more info, see Institutet för språk och folkminnen

Here are the newcomers:
Airbaghjälm: Airbag helmet, a protection for the head that pumps up at an accident.
Airbagjacka: The same, but as a jacket.
Appa: To fiddle with and use apps (applications) for your mobile phone.
Arabisk vår: Literally Arabic spring, meaning a situation that inspires hope for democracy in Arabic dictatorships.
Attitydkontinens: Inability to withhold one’s opinions.
Bamseteorem: A motto that means that someone who’s very strong also has to be very kind (attributed to the comic book character Bamse, who is “the world’s strongest and kindest bear”, but it really is Pippi Longstocking’s motto).
Brorsantrick: A trick used to create contact with a victim by referring to something that happened to a brother (based on the movie “Play”).
Brännskräp: Garbage meant to be burnt rather than recycled.
Bröllopsklänning: Wedding gown. Increased usage. Used instead of brudklänning.
Börsrobot: Computer program used at the stock exchange.
Dumpling: Increased usage. Cooked dough ball.
Döda vinkeln-varnare: Sensors on the bumper that pick up movement in the blind spot.
Fastlans: Freelance but linked to a permanent working place.
Fixie, fixicykel: A fixie bike, with a single speed and no free wheel.
Flipperförälder: A parent who lets the children go early on and let them manage on their own, the opposite of curlingförälder.
Foliehatt: A symbol of fear for an imaginary danger (a hat made of foil is supposed to protect against radiation from space).
Framåtlutad: Increased usage, meaning intensive, energetic.
Fulparkerare: A person who parks his or her car wrongly.
Förlåt-turné, förlåtelseturné: A tour in order to ask for forgiveness, after Social Democratic leader Håkan Juholt’s tour.
Förväntis: A person or something you can expect something from (launched by Professor Micael Dahlén).
Gps-väst: A safety vest with a built-in GPS.
Jasminmöte: A peaceful protest meeting (inspired by the jasmine revolution).
Jasminrevolution: Jasmine Revolution.
Juholtare: A rash comment that someone quickly has to take back (after Social Democratic leader Håkan Juholt).
Kapselbryggare or kapselmaskin: An espresso machine where the coffee comes in capsules.
Kawaii: Increased usage. A childish and cute fashion style, after the Japanese for cute, which is kawaii.
Knarkometer: A machine that can detect drugs.
Knytkonferens: A conference where the agenda is not planned and where all participants contributes with their reports as would they food at a knytkalas (potluck).
Koka böcker: After the English expression “cook the books”, meaning fraudulent activities performed by corporations in order to falsify their financial statements.
Loba: An intervention by police that is founded on the law of taking care of intoxicated people.
Lunchdisco: Disco in the daytime.
Lyssna in: Increased usage. Used in political debates, listening to others and taking in their opinions, from the English: “listen in”.
Matkasse: New meaning: A ready-packed bag with groceries that is being delivered at home. Also chosen as the Christmas present of the year in 2011.
Missmatchning: When the competence of the applicant and the demands from the employer don’t match.
Mobildagis: Collective storage of mobile phones when not in usage.
Molekylärgastronomi: The use of chemical processes in cooking.
Möbelhund: A plate with four wheels used when moving furniture around.
Möpare: Short for “militärt överintresserad person”, a person overly interested in everything military.
Novellix: A book in a smaller format. Also the name of the publishing company that launched these books.
Nysare: From the English sneezer, a person who spreads news and tips.
Ofast job: A non-permanent employment.
Otrohetsdejting: A service where a person in a committed relationship may come in contact with a person for an affair.
Padda: Nickname for iPads and other tablets.
Plankning: New meaning: To lie prostrate in a public place and post a photo of it on social medias. “Planking” in English.
Post-it-krig: A competition where companies challenge each others by adorning their windows with post-it notes. From the French “guerre des Post-it”.
Prehab: Training in order to prevent injuries.
Restdejting: A service where you can match your food leftovers with others and create a meal that you enjoy together (launched by Lantmännen).
Retronym: New word for something old that must be created as a result of something new: An ordinary TV screen becomes a “tjock-TV” (thick TV) because of the “platt-TV” (flat screen). Ordinary bandy becomes “utebandy” (bandy played outdoors) because of “innebandy” (bandy played indoors).
Robothandel: Business in valuable papers that is being taken care of by “börsrobotar” (computer programs used at the stock exchange).
Seismisk: Figurative usage: Revolutionary, as in the English use of “seismic” in a statement by Prince Charles.
Skräpbot: A ticket for littering, according to new law in 2011.
Skämsfilter: A device that makes it impossible for others to see what music you listen to on Spotify.
Slöjböter: Being ticketed for wearing a veil.
Sms-livräddare: A person who has learnt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and can be reached through sms.
Surdegsfaktorn: “Sourdough factor”, the fact that sourdough has increased in popularity and can be seen as a social phenomenon.
Surdegshotell: A place where you can leave your sourdough while you are on vacation.
Säpojogg: A race in which security personnel is running after a vehicle (which they did during the Crown Princess wedding), and similar races.
Tasigförsamhet: The ability to help oneself to something.
Terja: To manipulate photos fraudulently. After nature photographer Terje Hellesø, who manipulated photos of animals.
Tjejsamla: Taking an interest in collecting something, but not very seriously. Somebody who’s happy with a smaller collection.
Tonårsskrämma: A device that makes a sound only young people perceive (in order to frighten them away from certain places).
Trollfilter: Measures to prevent online trolls from making offensive comments.
Trädmord: Increased usage. Damage done to a tree so that it dies.
Uggling: From the Enligsh “owling”, the practice of crouching "like an owl" in unusual places.
Ungdomsskrämma: Similar to “tonårsskrämma”.
Vattkoppsgodis: Chicken pox candy, given in the US to children so that they catch chicken pox.
Vobba: From “vabba”, taking time off from work in order to care for a sick child (from VAB: Vård Av sjukt Barn – care for a sick child). Vobba means to work at the same time.
Åsiktstaliban: A person who allows only one opinion in a matter.


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