According to a poll by Sifo (a Swedish company earlier known as Sifo Research International), the Android based smart phones are now more popular in Sweden than the iPhone. However, results vary a bit. In Göteborg and Malmö, the iPhone still rules. Add to that the fact that it seems that women and men prefer different mobile phones.
According to the poll, 54% of the men prefer the Android, while only 34% prefer the iPhone. For women, the numbers are the reverse: 44% of women prefer an iPhone, and 38% would sooner pick an Android.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all, that men are the first to change their behavior in such a hi-tech based segment,” says Stefan Nilsson, trend watcher at the PR agency Trendgruppen. He believes that women soon will follow the men to the Android, and says there’s an over confidence in the iPhone. “I think Apple is facing a challenge after the fall of 2011 when Steve Jobs died and the company didn’t deliver the latest mobile phone,” he says. The Sifo poll shows, however, that iPhone owners use their phones more actively than Android users.


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