Nordisk Film are the distributors of Playstation (the video game console developed by Sony) in Scandinavia, and they asked 5,000 Swedes about their playing habits. The result shows that the most dedicated players are middle-aged men. Four groups of players were identified:
The hardcore player (37% of all asked), who plays frequently and mostly alone, but who also sometimes goes online to play with others. These players prefer action and shooting games, 50% or more play every week. 30% of them are between 36-45 years old, 54% have no children and 65% are men while 35% are women.
The incidental player (33%) rarely plays and when he or she does it’s never alone but “for the sake of the kids”. Prefers social motion-controlled games, preferably platform-, music- or fitness games. 45% of the incidental players live with a partner or is married with children. The greatest group, 28%, is between 36-45 years old, 59% are women and 41% are men.
Then there’s the social player (16%), who put most money into his or her game and views games as a way to socialize with others. He or she lives in a family where everybody plays, and he or she prefers playing rather than watching TV and movies, they prefer action-, adventure-, sport-, and music games. 61% have children, 51% are women and 49% men.
Lastly there’s the family player (14%), who prefers motion-controlled games and are driven by the social aspect of playing, they play in their spare time, mostly because of their children and often with their partner. To the family player, the game is both relaxing and entertaining. 51% have children, 51% are men and 49% women.

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