Swedes' favorite colleague
Surround yourself with creative and motivating people – that's a recurrent piece of advice to all employers. And what's better than a great colleague? If you ask Swedes, it is Minister for Finance Anders Borg who is the dream colleague, the person most Swedes would like to share desks with. In the latest ”office barometer” from Vasakronan, 2,005 Swedes were polled who they wanted for their office colleague.
”A good colleage may be someone who can give some valuable input and inspiration,” says Cecilia Söderström, HR Manager at Vasakronan. ”If the colleague isn’t very good, then you may be affected by a negative attitude and it may disturb your work. In an office without fixed spots, you can test different colleagues and see who you work best with.”
The ten best colleagues (according to the polled Swedes) are
1. Anders Borg, Minister for Finance (12%)
2. Martina Haag, author (7%)
3. Josephine Bornebusch, actress (7%)
4. Cristina Stenbeck, businesswoman (7%)
5. Petra Mede, comedian (6%)
6. Crown Princess Victoria (6%)
7. Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister (6%)
8. Noomi Rapace, actress (5%)
9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, soccer player (5%), and
10. Alexander Skarsgård, actor (5%).