The strongest brands in Sweden
Not surprisingly, Ikea is the strongest brand in Sweden. But the list over the 20 strongest brands also include four entertainment attractions, a couple of oil companies, an ice cream producer, Sweden's 'Best Buy' and 'Sports Authority'. Evimetrix has done a study in which 5,000 people evaluated 400 brands in 19 different industries.

”In order to compare all the brands, the customers' satisfaction has been weighed against the knowledge of a certain brand. By doing that, we’ve created a fair measure that takes into account how big the brand is, before we compare how many satisfied customers it has,” says Peter Wissing, project leader at Evimetrix, according to the magazine Resumé.


At the top of the list, there’s Ikea and the popular dish detergent Yes as well as the Göteborg amusement park Liseberg. Among the clothing brands are Dressmann and Intersport, however not H&M.
The entire list looks like this:
1. Ikea (introductions are redundant)
2. Yes (dishwashing detergent)
3. Liseberg (the Göteborg amusement park)
4. Kolmårdens djurpark
5. Statoil (the Norwegian owned chain of gas stations)
6. OKQ8 (another oil and gas company)
7. Astrid Lindgrens värld (The world of Astrid Lingren amusement park, Småland)
8. Stadium (Sweden's Sports Authority)
9. Santa Maria (Spices and Tex-Mex condiments)
10. Mio (Furniture chain)
11. (Sweden's Best Buy)
12. Intersport (Sweiss sporting goods chain that's been around for a long time in Sweden)
13. Smittskyddsinstitutet (Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control)
14. Bauhaus (German based 'Home Depot meets part of IKEA' that's successfully established itself in Sweden)
15. GB Glace (largest ice cream company in Sweden, owned by Unilever)
16. Fritidsresor (One of the largest producers of package tours, leisure travel in Sweden)
17. K-rauta (Finnish owned 'Home Depot meets part of IKEA' that has grown strongly in Sweden)
18. Dressmann (Norwegian owned chain of men's clothing stores - Jos. A. Bank of Scandinavia)
19. Kustbevakningen (The Swedish coast guard)
20. Skansen (The Stockholm open air museum and park)