Proposal: Learn Swedish become a citizen faster
The Swedish government is working on a new law proposal: If you know the Swedish language, you should be in the express line to becoming a citizen.

The proposal means a language bonus, that would give immigrants citizenship a year faster. But several groups have doubts. How fast a person picks up Swedish has to do not mainly with motivation, but what background the person has, like educational level, according to Malmö City, SIOS (Samarbetsorgan för etniska organisationer i Sverige or the Cooperation Group for ethnic Associations in Sweden), and RIFFI (Riksförbundet Internationella Föreningen för Invandrarkvinnor or the National Federation of Immigrant Women’s Associations).

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However Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag believes it is right to upgrade the importance of language: ”We have been bad at using (language) as a part of the integration process. It is a fairly natural goal in such a process, if you want to become a Swedish citizen and have your future here,” he says. Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service) in their answer says that one consequence of a faster citizenship process, might mean newly arrived relatives may be affected if they lose their right to various introduction activities. The goal of the government is to put forth a law proposal after Christmas.