Every day, NASA, the U.S. government agency responsible for the nation’s civilian space program, brings a photo to special attention in what’s called “Astronomy Picture of the Day”. And on June 13, that picture came from Swede Göran Strand, who works as a professional astro photographer.
“It’s always fun. People from all over the world get in touch and you get new contacts,” Göran says. His photograph shows a “strawberry moon”, according to NASA. The photo was taken in Marieby in May, and according to Göran each full moon has its own name, in June it goes by the name “strawberry moon”.
“It’s because that’s when the strawberry season starts. Many of the names come from North American culture,” Göran explains and adds that he used a heavy telephoto lens to get a high degree of magnification. However, the first real strawberry moon won’t be seen in Sweden until now, and Göran Strand says he’ll go out to capture it.
For more information: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html