How do you prepare for an uncertain future? How do you adapt and change? How do you establish a culture of innovation in your organization or group?

SACC Chicago and Innovation360 Group invites Chicago Area executives to attend a workshop focused on innovation with Magnus Penker, CEO. Following a presentation by Penker on innovation, attendees will participate in an interactive, facilitated workshop on how to succeed at innovation with global experts in the field as a benchmark. The presentation is on April 26 at 150 North Michigan Ave. in the suite 310 conference room on the third floor. If you ever wondered what truly defines long term success and profitable returns in today's changing environment, this is a workshop for you.


All participants will receive
• An individual assessment of their personal innovation capabilities based on a survey they will complete in advance of the workshop.
• A detailed, complementary innovation report with benchmarks, analysis and recommendations for your organization.

Innovation 360 Group has a presence in 28 countries and, after a mere 12 months in the U.S. now works for the Pentagon and several A-list companies and universities. Penker, awarded “Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016,” is an internationally renowned thought leader on innovation, digitalization and business transformation with several successful corporate launches in his background. For more info, see or or call 312.257.3002

The one constant in today’s world? Change ... how do you avoid becoming one of the many red balls in the basket? By innovating and setting up your organization’s culture to innovate. Magnus Penkert’s presentation is all “about you,” always uplifting and the analysis and report inspiring.