Twenty-nine percent of Swedes cycle to work some time every week, according to a Sifo survey commissioned by Swedish Cycling. Twenty-two percent cycle at least three days a week, and 18 percent cycle once a week in the winter as well. More and more people bike to work, which is positive for the environment and health, and major cities aim to make it easier for more people to ride their bike all year round. But there is a backside: Since 2008 cyclists are the largest group of severely injured in traffic and most are single casualties caused by slipping.

“Leaves, loose gravel and ice spots can in different ways cause the bicycle deck to lose its grip. An increased use of studded tires can reduce bicycle accidents and save lives,” says Maria Wedin, traffic safety expert at the Swedish insurance company Länsförsäkringar.


Länsförsäkringar has financed a study with the State Road and Transport Institute, VTI, where studded tires on ice were compared with regular tires. Not surprisingly the study shows studded tires generally have a better grip than regular tires.