Restaurants Matsalen and Frantzén/Lindeberg in Stockholm both keep their two stars in Michelin Guide 2011. Stockholm thus continues to be the only city in Scandinavia with two restaurants with two stars. New for this year is that Thörnströms Kök in Göteborg was awarded one Michelin Guide star. The city of Malmö didn’t get any stars. Nine restaurants were awarded Bib Gourmand as a prize for well-prepared food. Michelin Guide has existed since 1900, it is a series of annual guide books published by Michelin for over a dozen countries. The term normally refers to the Michelin Red Guide, the oldest and best-known European hotel and restaurant guide, which awards the Michelin stars. The guide awards one to three stars to a small number of restaurants of outstanding quality. One star indicates a "very good cuisine in its category", a two-star ranking represents "excellent cuisine, worth a detour," and three stars are awarded to restaurants offering "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey". A three-star Michelin ranking is rare. As of late 2009, there were 26 three-star restaurants in France, and only 81 in the world. Michelin Guide can now also be found as an iPhone application.
2 stars Stockholm: Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen and Frantzén/Lindeberg
1 star Stockholm: Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren, Esperanto, Fredsgatan 12 and Lux Stockholm
1 star Göteborg: Thörnströms Kök (New), Kock & Vin, 28+, Fond and Basement
Michelin Bib Gourmand-award, distributed with seven in Stockholm and two in Göteborg.
Stockholm: Brasserie Bobonne, Proviant, Rolfs Kök, Den Gyldene Freden, Ulla Winbladh, Sjögräs and Fjäderholmarnas Krog
Göteborg: Tvåkanten and Familjen
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