Here you can have the rooster in four different ways: roasted club, grilled thigh, poached breast and crispy skin. If rooster is not your thing—at least not when served on a plate—then perhaps rabbit will do? Or how about horse meat?

At Oljebaren on Torsgatan in Stockholm, they serve meats of animals rarely seen on Swedish tables - at least openly. Oljebaren, a rustic mediterranean inspired bistro and boutique in Vasastan, where Steak frites - in this case grilled horsemeat - is served with sauce béarnaise and the French fries for 219 SEK ($34). The menu is short but always well balanced and as the name suggests you'll find a variety of excellent olive oils that are also for sale at the bistro store. Is it worth a try? We leave that up to you.


More information, see Oljebaren, Stockholm