Plenty of strawberries for midsummer
No summer in Sweden without Swedish strawberries. And it looks like its going to be plenty of that this summer. A protective layer of snow and summer weather already in April means there will be many ripe strawberries in time for Midsummer. Calle Eriksson grows strawberries and is also chairman of the organization Gro br (Grow Berries), and he is of the opinion that in a few weeks there will be strawberries available that have not been grown in a greenhouse. And thats thanks to a cooperative weather.

It looks great right now, he says. We will have plenty of strawberries even before midsummer. However, if there will be a lot of night frost we might not be able to save everything, but most harvesters are prepared with countermeasures. A drawback with an early season is of course that it will end a bit early too, already in July, but Eriksson says: At that point we probably feel weve eaten enough of strawberries. We will want other kinds of berries by then. We find it hard to believe however, that anyone could ever get enough Swedish strawberries.

Just in case you're a strawberry aficionado heading for Sweden, you can follow the harvest of the delicacy here: GRO Br