Sourdough hotel receives old guest
The world’s first sourdough hotel opened in Sweden in April this year. And no, it is not a hotel made out of dough, it is simply a place where you leave your sourdough when you go vacationing or take a trip out of town. A problem typical of a developed country. Once you’ve digested the idea of a hotel for your bread dough, get ready for this: Fazer, the Finnish food company, is celebrating its 120th anniversary by sharing the sourdough first made when the company was founded in 1891. The precious old dough has been divided, been put into nice jars and checked into Urban Deli’s Surdegshotell in Stockholm. If you feel like baking, you can go there and get yourself a piece of the dough. First come, first served! Urban Deli Bakery is located at Skånegatan 76.

Rye Sourdough recipe
And if you can't run by Urban Deli Bakery to get a piece of the sourdough Karl, but got inspired - why not try making your own sourdough at home. Here's a Rye Sourdough recipe we found online. Using organic stone ground flour is preferable.

Day 1
100 g (1 dl) lukewarm water
30 g (1/2 dl) rye flour

Mix water and flour in a glass or plastic jar with a lid (leave lid slightly open or unscrewed). Note, 2.5 dl (or 250 ml) is equal to 1 cup.

Day 1-4
Shake gently every morning and evening.

Day 4
100 g (1 dl) lukewarm water
90 g (1 1/2 dl) rye flour

Add new flour and water and stir.

Day 4.5
100 g (1 dl) lukewarm water
60 g (1 dl) rye flour

Remove all but about 50 grams (1/2 dl) of the sourdough. Add new flour and water. Then stir.

Day 5
Repeat the step above (day 4.5).

Day 5.5
If after 10-12 hours the sourdough has risen to almost double the size, and its texture is similar to chocolate mousse, your sourdough is ready. Otherwise repeat the step for day 4.5.