Best chef in Sweden
He’s the best chef in Sweden and his name is Klas Lindberg. Lindberg just won the title “Chef of the Year” (or “Årets Kock” in Swedish). The theme for this year’s Swedish Championship in professional cooking was “Det nya svenska arvet” (The new Swedish heritage), and there were six finalists competing for the title. After several intense hours at the stove, Klas Lindberg won, and was awarded the prize from Prince Carl Philip.
“It feels amazing,” Lindberg said. And Hanna Halpern, general for the competition, added: “We are very happy and proud to have the prince participate. The prince is very engaged in Swedish gastronomy, and it’s a great honor to have him crown the Chef of the Year 2011.” The winning dish was a fried on the hearth beef with tender so-called skomakar biff, glazed white turnip, onions in different textures, cream of garden cress and smoked butter from marrow.