Plenty of strawberries
There will be plenty of strawberries in time for the Swedish midsummer celebrations. Already next week the season is starting. 2012 looks like an unusually good year for the beloved berry, even though they were expected to come even earlier – already in March, though cold April nights put a stopper on that. The recent sunny days have worked in favor for the strawberries.
“There will be herring, potatoes, ‘snaps’ and strawberries for midsummer,” says Magnus Engstedt, berry consultant at Jönköping’s county administrative board. And for those who can’t wait, there are places where you can already get them. In April Swedes could eat the first greenhouse-grown strawberries, and now the first ones grown under a protective fiber cloth are up for sale. Some growers have already begun to pick theirs, and next week they believe they are able to reap plenty.
And Wednesday (May 30th) will mark the strawberry premiere at Skansen in Stockholm. This year’s strawberries are one week late, compared to recent years, due to the cold month of April. And the strawberries that are growing without the fiber cloth, will be unusually late – they won’t be ready until July.
The price of the Swedish strawberries is expected to be around 50 SEK ($7) per liter (4.2 cups), which, according to Engstedt, is the norm this time of year. However, the price may vary with supply and demand. “There are many strawberries in the making right now. It looks promising,” Engstedt concludes.

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