Blueberries + lingon = blingon?
A cross between blueberries and lingonberries has been discovered in Bohuslan, Sweden. But the few berries attached to the plant aren’t that tasty, according to botanist Evastina Blomgren, who found them near the summer town of Smögen. The plant has already been found in several places around Sweden, but very rarely has it been seen with berries, according to Swedish Radio.
Some linguists claim it should correctly be named 'blågon' rather than blingon. Be that as it may, the leaves are light green, as in the blueberry plant, but almost leathery in texture, just like the leaves in lingonberries. If blueberries and lingon are close together and bloom at the same time and are being pollinated by the same insect, in rare cases this sort of hybrid is born.