Swedish super berries
You hear of super berries and you think of exotic stuff like goji and acai. But Swedish berries are just as nutritious. There are in berries something called phytochemicals, which are neither minerals nor vitamins, but which yet are healthy for us. It’s these phytochemicals along with vitamins C and E that act as antioxidants and therefore protects cells in our bodies from free radical damage, that are good for us. “The more colorful the berries (think dark red, blue or black ones) the more antioxidants they have in them,” says nutritionist Zarah Öberg to metro.se. “Berries such as blueberries and black currants are rich in vitamin C and phytochemicals, while the aronia berries and sea buckthorns are rich in beta carotene, a pre-stage to vitamin A.” All these berries thus have different effects and the best to do is to vary what you eat and eat at least a couple of handfuls of berries a day. “Just remember that these berries are very sweet, so mix them up with more bitter berries, nuts and seeds. Then you stay fuller longer than if you only consume sweet berries, which may lead to wanting to consume more sweet stuff,” Öberg says.
Make a super berry smoothie
Take as many berries you want (blueberries, black currants, sea buckthorn, aronia, strawberries, raspberries etc), coconut flakes, and nuts. Mix the berries, top with coconut flakes and different kinds of nuts and seeds. Add some cinnamon on top to stabilize your blood sugar. You can even grate some ginger and put on top (it will easy you digestion) or cardamom for a warming effect. Put in a blender and bring on your next picnic.

‎"Blott Sverige svenska krusbär har.” Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, early to mid-nineteenth century poet, author, social critic. (Translates to 'Only Sweden has Swedish gooseberries') Not too shocking news; The expression suggests an inflated view of one's own group. Not entirely uncommon in every group but maybe, just maybe, a bit lacking in Sweden today.