During the summer Ikea has been busy launching two beers: One light and one dark. But if you’re in Sweden and want to try that beer, you have to be patient. It is not for sale there. Yet.

“We’re working on it, but Sweden is one of many countries with stricter alcohol laws,” says Ikea information officer Ivana Flygare. The beers are named Öl Mörk Lager (Dark Lager Beer) and Öl Ljus Lager (Light Lager Beer). They both come in 12 oz bottles with an alcohol level of 4.7%. The bottle is decorated with hop flowers and features Ikea’s logo. On the beer-rating website Untappd, Ikea’s beer receives fairly good reviews, rated as 3.46 of 5, though only 13 reviewers have voted so far. The beers are produced by Krönlein’s brewery in Halmstad and has been launched at Ikea stores in stages throughout the summer, as part of their “Swedish food market” project, which began in 2006, and which means only Ikea’s own brands are featured in the stores.
“As for now, our foremost goal is to offer the two beers as drinks in our restaurants,” says Flygare.
For more information: http://untappd.com/beer/174491