Healthy fall with Amy and Ebba
Ever since we first read about the cookbook by the Swedish von Sydow sisters (“Sommar med systrarna von Sydow”), we’ve checked out their blogs from time to time. And Amy von Sydow Green, who is a doctor and lives in Philadelphia, recently posted what she calls a recipe for her perfect summer food. A salad with fried chèvre cheese, beets, and radishes. Summer might be drawing to a close, but a healthy way to start fall is to keep our lighter summery dishes a little bit longer, don’t you agree?
To make Amy’s salad (and she includes no measurements in her blog entry) slice chèvre cheese and fry in a non-stick cooking pan (no butter or oil needed) and set aside, boil red beets, slice them and add vinaigrette with lots of Dijon mustard in it and herbs of your choice, and serve with the cheese, radishes and greens.
The von Sydow sisters have also decided on a few rules to stay healthy this fall. Perhaps something to follow?
1. A 30-minute daily walk (a power walk if you will).
2. Strength training at least once, preferably twice, a week.
3. A good breakfast (Ebba’s favorite seems to be Greek yoghurt mixed with fat free plain yoghurt and added berries/fruit and nuts)
4. No buns, cookies, ice cream or candy.
5. Let lunch consist of a lot of veggies, try making a filling salad with chicken or salmon.
6. No more sandwiches and keep your hands off the breadbasket when eating out.
7. Rice, pasta, and potatoes? Sure, but make portions small.
8. Feel free to enjoy your latte or cappuccino.
9. For snacks try a small bowl with cottage cheese and raspberries, or apple slices with peanut butter.
10. Go bananas! If you’re in a rush, a banana is a good substitute for breakfast and an excellent snack as well.
11. Last but not least, make sure you get enough sleep.
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