Michelin star after one year
It leaked by mistake, the fact that Swedish chef Mikael Jönsson’s restaurant Hedone in London will be given one Michelin star after having been in business for only little over a year (the restaurant opened on July 1st last year). Jönsson said to metro.se: “It’s amazing of course. According to Michelin nobody from another field has had a star so fast, so it’s incredible. I knew that what we were doing was good, but to get a star like that… I never thought it would happen.”

The self-taught chef opened his restaurant in Chiswick London, and people close to him thought he had gone crazy when he left his career as a company lawyer to risk everything on this new venture. Now, a year later his establishment is full of regulars, and this in one of the world’s most competitive cities when it comes to the restaurant business. Jönsson says his day has been full as the news leaked:
“I’ve been sitting with The Guardian, the Evening Standard, Times, and BBC and other media all day. Everyone’s excited over this unique piece of news. I’ve talked and talked and I’ve drunk champagne. I’m on my second bottle, I thought I’d better be completely drunk during service today.” When asked if he’d close the restaurant for the evening, Jönsson said: “Hell no, we’re open as usual.”
For more info on Hedone: www.hedonerestaurant.com